Detailed information on dental hygiene prices will be provided by your nursing specialist.

Selection of basic items from the dental hygiene price list

Item Price
Digital X-ray and OPG imaging paid by the health insurance company
Image evaluation paid by the health insurance company
Dental hygiene
(60 min. – supragingival cleaning of teeth with ultrasound,
airflow, depuration, briefing)
first visit or visit longer than 1 year: CZK 1,690

repeated visit up to 1 year: from CZK 1,470

repeated visit within 3 months: from CZK 1,350

Hygienic treatment + briefing – child 0-11 years CZK 650
Hygienic treatment + briefing – child 12-15 years CZK 1.100
Tooth fluoridation CZK 745
Surgery whitening (120 minutes) according to the scope and technology used:
CZK 3.970 – 8.490
Home whitening – total (preparation, carriers, gels) CZK 5.410
DNA test CZK 3.960
Gift Voucher CZK 1.690

The stated prices of individual dental procedures associated with dental hygiene are indicative. The binding price is set by the doctor according to the price list of services. Detailed information on prices will be provided by your attending specialist. The price list of procedures can be viewed in the surgery.

Payments can be made in cash or by credit card. We accept the following credit cards:
MasterCard, Maestro, MasterCard Electronic, VISA, VISA Electron, Diners Club, American Express


Wasted deadline

ArbesDentry+ dental hygiene provides you with the best possible care based on high professionalism, top quality of performed procedures and their painless and maximally gentle execution. We also try to plan your work so that you do not have to wait unnecessarily for your treatment.

The most common difficulty in treating our patients is the lack of vacancies. Therefore, we are sorry when the time of the planned procedures is wasted by the late excused or unexcused absence of the patient or his late arrival. For the above reasons, we ask patients to apologize as soon as possible by phone, email or in person if they find that they will not be able to see their nurse within the agreed time. The sooner we apologize, the sooner we can provide the appointment to another patient and the sooner we will be able to offer you an alternative appointment.

Due to the fact that we do not want to reduce the quality of our care, shorten order dates or increase treatment prices by calculating time losses, we are forced to set certain rules aimed at eliminating the number of unexcused patient visits.

If the patient does not show up repeatedly without a timely apology, ie 48 hours. before the scheduled treatment will be discarded. Re-ordering will be possible after payment of unexcused visits. If the patient does not return without an apology, further treatment will no longer be possible.

Thank you for your understanding and we believe that you accept these rules and will help us to reduce waiting times for the deadline and further improve our care.