Recommendations at the time of quarantine measures

Recommendations at the time of quarantine measures

Dear patients,

we have one big request for you.

In this difficult time, when most of us spend days in quarantine, when our social contacts are only our closest, we tend not to pay so much attention to personal oral hygiene. This, in view of the current situation in which we cannot offer you full services, poses a certain increased risk for the occurrence of diseases related not only to mucosal diseases in the oral cavity.

The point is that in the case of inadequate dental hygiene, ie. everyday non-use of a single-bunch and interdental brush and thus clearly ongoing gum inflammation, you unnecessarily burden the immune system and increase susceptibility to possible infectious diseases.

Therefore, please take the single-bunched toothbrush to the TV, without paste and clean it, every evening! Then use the interdental brush and you can rest assured that you have significantly helped to increase local immunity.

We will look forward to seeing you as soon as the current situation permits. Now the dental hygiene operation is suspended, but I will contact each of you personally.

We wish you only health,

Žaneta Němečková, dental hygiene DENTRY